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I was at the Urbana Heartland Maker Fest all day Saturday representing the CUCFablab. It was great but tiring day.

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Racing Mini Quadcopters 


The Lavery Electric Automatic Phrenometer whirrs into action, August 1907.  It supposedly measured the activity of the brain, but in actuality it studied the bumps on one’s head with hopes to gain insight about their personality.  This is the portable version.  (from Getty Images’ book "Decades of the 20th Century—1900s" by Nick Yapp, scanned by WeirdVintage)

"Paradise Girls" appears on Deerhoof’s new album, La Isla Bonita, out 11/4

I think I just want to listen to Deerhoof for the next few days.

"Last Fad" appears on Deerhoof’s new album, La Isla Bonita, out 11/4.

You know how to hunt down a wizard?

I’m asking for a friend…



I need 6 minutes of this not 6 seconds.

Whenever I feel sad I just remember that this is a thing that happened

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Harvest time in Illinois. You can tell because trucks from the 1950’s show up to collect the corn. 

Have you ever seen Reservoir Dogs?

You know how, in the very beginning of the movie, Mr. Orange is shot in the gut and spends literally the rest of the movie writhing around on the floor in pain in an ever-expanding pool of his own Blood?

That was ME! …Only, I’m not Tim Roth. And it was my sweat, not blood. And I wasn’t shot; it was a kidney stone.

All I can say is, “Don’t get kidney stones, kids” because fuck that. Nothing I have ever experienced has been more painful. I live alone and there was no way I was able to drive anyplace like the ER (remember: writhing). Not that the ER would have been able to do anything other than offer pain killers. I would have taken them. I did go to the doctor the next day. There were scans and recommendations of lots and lots of water.

This all happened mid-August. I mercifully passed the stone without much fanfare a week into September.  Good thing too, the Urologist was getting tired of waiting for the thing. He was going to go in after it with a Ureteroscope, but I passed it the day before that was going to happen. 

I just never got around to posting the pics I took of it, but I thought I would share


This 200 year old cabinet is a tinkering dream come true.  

One of the finest achievements of European furniture making, this cabinet is the most important product from Abraham (1711—1793) and David Roentgen’s (1743—1807) workshop. A writing cabinet crowned with a chiming clock, it features finely designed marquetry panels and elaborate mechanisms that allow for doors and drawers to be opened automatically at the touch of a button. Owned by King Frederick William II, the Berlin cabinet is uniquely remarkable for its ornate decoration, mechanical complexity, and sheer size.”

source: Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Soooo…. Is the Bride Kidnapping Expert the guy I go to if my bride’s been kidnapped, or the guy I call if I need help kidnapping me a bride?

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